Short abstracts for those presenting in the bioinformatics software session are listed here as well as contact information for the presenters. Companies are listed in alphabetical order. Further information will be added as it is received.


Ray Hoare

Why you should use the CLC Bio Genomics Workbench? Data analysis represents a serious bottleneck in NGS pipelines of most R&D departments, which in turn dramatically reduces the Return on Investment of current NGS assets. CLC Bio Genomics Workbench solves this problem by enabling researchers themselves to rapidly analyse and visualise genomic, transcriptomic, and epigenomic data from all major sequencing platforms. The user-friendly and intuitive interface essentially takes High Throughput Analysis away from hardcore bioinformatics programmers doing command-line scripts, and hands it to scientists searching for biological results. Furthermore, the versatile nature of CLC Genomics Workbench allows it to blend seamlessly into existing sequencing analysis workflows, easing implementation and maximising return on investment. CLC bio is the major player in this field - more than 100,000 users, more than 4,000 licenses sold, to more than 500 organisations – the talk will show you why it has been so successful. Website.

Contact information:
Hoare Research Software, 10 Grey St, Hamilton East, New Zealand. Phone +64 7 839 9102


Shane Sturrock, Senior Scientist - Geneious Support and Professional Services

Contact information:
Biomatters Ltd, 76 Anzac Ave, Auckland. Tel: +64 9 379 5064


John Davis - Senior Field Bioinformatics Scientist

As the volume of data produced via Ion Torrent semi conductor sequencing continues to increase, Torrent Suite software provides scientists with a powerful yet intuitive solution for data analysis. This talk will present the features of the Torrent Suite package, describing the workflows for basic analysis (reference alignment, variant calling, de novo assembly etc) and explaining how it’s
functionality can be built upon via the Ion Torrent Plugin store. It will also illustrate how the community-driven open source nature of
the software is driving continual improvement, meeting the needs of a wide variety of researchers. Website.

Contact information:
Jacqui Kent Tel: 09 578 3141, 021 775 995


New Zealand Genomics Limited (NZGL)
Tony Lough, Chief Executive

New Zealand Genomics Limited – NZGL – is now providing New Zealand scientists with access to a genomic infrastructure to promote research throughout the country. Access to equipment and bioinformatic expertise for both small and large-scale genomics projects is provided via its collaborating partners at Massey, Otago and Auckland universities.

Sequencing services on a HiSeq2000 have been operating since September 2011 at the Otago Sequencing Facility, MiSeq sequencing at Massey became operational in March 2012, and NZGL’s alliance with Auckland’s Centre for Genomics and Proteomics Sequencing now includes provision of further MiSeq capability, Ion Torrent and 454 GS Junior sequencing and a Microarray service.

NZGL now has a distributed team of Bioinformaticians operating at each of the collaborators and providing services to clients.  The final component of providing a fully integrated service package involves our delivery of Bio-IT and IT services, anticipated to be available in the last quarter of 2012.

NZGL’s role is to provide genomics technology and bioinformatics services to New Zealand scientists – thereby underpinning research in a broad range of areas, including medicine, agriculture and the environment. NZGL’s Chief Executive will describe NZGL’s provision in its first year of service delivery, with examples of projects delivered to clients in New Zealand; and outline the future scope and possibilities for what the NZGL infrastructure can achieve.

Contact information:
Suite 6a, Centre for Innovation, 87 St David Street, Dunedin 9016 : PO Box 56, New Zealand. Phone +64 3 470 3543

Real Time Genomics
Graham Gaylard, Founder

RTG Investigator bioinformatics application software applies the highest sensitivity in sequence alignment to deliver the most accurate results in downstream variant and metagenomic analysis. The product's plug-and-play bioinformatics tools enable researchers to deploy efficient and effective analysis pipelines in just days. Fast, comprehensive pipelines allow quick comparison of data from multiple sources, reducing false positives and increasing confidence in your results. Website.

Contact information:
NZ: Real Time Genomics, 2nd Floor, 18 London Street, Hamilton 3493
USA: Real Time Genomics Inc., 576 Folsom Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105