In 2013 we will be running two Workshops associated with the Conference.

Half-day Workshop for Beginners

Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing

A half-day workshop for beginners to the field of Next Generation Sequencing will run on Monday 12 August 1pm to 5pm. The registration cost of NZ$155 + 15% GST for the Workshop. If you are attending both the Conference and the Beginners Workshop then the registration cost includes dinner at a chosen restaurant on the evening of Monday 20 August.

Workshop summary:
Would you like to use Next Generation Sequencing in your research but not sure how to get started?  Then this half-day workshop is for you.  This beginners workshop will cover:

  • Concepts underlying Next Generation Sequencing
  • How the four most widely available Next Generation Sequencing technologies work and why it is important to know this (Roche 454, SOLiD, Ion Torrent and Illumina)
  • Planning and budgeting projects for Next Generation Sequencing
  • How to evaluate data quality from a Next Generation Sequencing experiment
  • A brief introduction to UNIX and simple bioinformatics software to get you started on the road towards analysing your own data.

The workshop will be led by Dr Jo-Ann Stanton, University of Otago, who has extensive experience establishing the Roche 454, Ion Torrent and SOLiD sequencing technologies in New Zealand.


Post-Conference Workshop

The post-conference hands-on DIY workshop will run on 15 August 8.30am to 4pm. This will be a commercial-based workshop using licenced software (Geneious and CLC). You will be required to bring your own laptop (minimum specs will be provided) and licences will be provided for you to use during the workshop (and a short time thereafter). Datasets will be provided to work with in class and there will be time to answer questions regarding your own datasets.

Attendance at the full-day hands-on DIY post-conference hands-on Workshop will cost NZ$200 +gst. If you are attending both the Conference and the post-conference workshop running on Thursday 15 August then your workshop registration cost includes dinner at a chosen restaurant on the evening of Wednesday 14 August.

Workshop summary:
This workshop will:

  • Update you on the latest software (command line and GUI interface)
  • Consider how to go about beginning your own analysis
  • Consider how to check quality of your data - tricks and traps of the real world
  • For those wanting to try command line - instructions will be provided.

You will need to bring your own laptop with CLC Genomics Workbench and Geneious installed. Licences and instruction on how to do this will be provided to those registered to attend. You must have the software installed prior to the workshop.

Minimum specs for laptops are:

  • Laptops can be Windows, Mac or Linux OS
  • i5 or equivalent processor minimum
  • 4G RAM absolute minimum
  • 64 bit preferrable (some applications will not be able to be run on 32 bit)
  • 50G storage space preferrable but 20G minimum after software installation (2 Gbytes for this recommended)

If participants wish to follow along using some command-line operations:

  • 6-6 G RAM and 50-100 G storage, 64 bit essential
  • Further instructions on setup will be coming for this part.

Please note that internet will not be available during the workshop for last minute installation.

The workshop will be led by Dr Lesley Collins of UCOL (Universal College of Learning). Lesley has extensive experience in the bioinformatics associated with all platforms of Next Generation Sequencing used in New Zealand.