In 2014 we will be running two Workshops associated with the Conference.

Pre-conference Workshop

The pre-conference workshop will run on 11 August and will be of interest to those new to the field of Next Generation Sequencing.

Would you like to use Next Generation Sequencing in your research but not sure how to get started?  Then this half-day workshop is for you.  This beginners workshop will cover:

  • Concepts underlying Next Generation Sequencing
  • How the four most widely available Next Generation Sequencing technologies work and why it is important to know this (Roche 454, SOLiD, Ion Torrent and Illumina)
  • Planning and budgeting projects for Next Generation Sequencing
  • How to evaluate data quality from a Next Generation Sequencing experiment
  • A brief introduction to UNIX and simple bioinformatics software to get you started on the road towards analysing your own data.

The workshop will be led by Dr Jo-Ann Stanton, University of Otago, who has extensive experience establishing the Roche 454, Ion Torrent and SOLiD sequencing technologies in New Zealand.


Post-Conference Workshop

The post-conference Workshop will run on 14 August, and will be relevant to those who have more experience in the area of Next Generation Sequencing.

The following will be covered in this workshop:

  • Hands-on analysis of a real dataset, taking you through a complete analysis pipeline – from raw sequencing data to output graphics and spreadsheets.
  • An introduction to the tools and processes used, so you can analyse simple RNA-seq datasets yourself.